Our Story

Food should be art in it's purest form. Free Expression!
There are no rules, no limits, just opportunity to create, invent and liberate!

Hail Seitan! started as a one man band in Spring 2015, and now are now a micro-collective of vegan chefs, with a zest for chaos, and innovation. In May 2016, along with the help of the Coachwerks collective, we built our very own kitchen (with blood, spit & nails), and now we are open as a Cafe & Restaurant, and it rocks!

We're against exploitation and corporate power!

We buy almost all of our produce from local greengrocers and coachwerks wholefoods, with the occasional supermarket surrender which breaks our heart, every time!

We run a zero-waste, non-hierarchical kitchen!

Throwing food away is on all levels, ridiculous, and is almost completely avoidable. We make just enough for what we expect we need for the day, and recycle food and flavour to make sure everything gets eaten, and tastes awesome. Anything that can't be used at all, is added to the compost, which we will use for the Coachwerks garden. We don't have head chefs, sous chefs or kitchen porters, no time clock and no sweatshop! There is no authority but yourself!

Come down and check it out, we're open:

Wednesday | 10am - 5pm
Thursday | 10am - 4pm
Sunday | 1pm - 9pm

Thursday | Rabbit Food | 7pm - 10pm 
(2 Course meal, Booking only!)

Last Friday Of The Month | Eat The Rich | 7pm - 11pm 
(Pay As You Feel, 3 Course Meal - Booking Only!)