Change is upon us!

Although we have been quiet on the digital-techno-cyber front, we have been conspiring and developing ideas and actions over these chilly months and have loads to say / announce, so here goes.
Firstly, we have started supplying Coachwerks Wholefoods with fresh organic hummus every week! Yep! And its in biodegradable / compostable plastic too. Delivery days are Wednesday, so make sure you pop down to try some out.
Secondly, we have been designing the new kitchen at Coachwerks and hope to be open to the public around the Mo(o)nth of May. To begin with we will be running the cafe from 11-4 on Thursday, and Thursday evening will be a 2 course evening meal from us, every week. We also will be providing food every Sunday alongside with Bartlebys Vegan Brewery, for sunny pub Sundays. As things get busier, we will be opening a few more days a week, but we like to start slowly so we don't burn out (its not all about work right?!)

And finally, come May, we will be re-launching our pay-as-you-feel 3 course vegan experience, Eat The Rich every month, alongside plans for movie & food nights, cookery / health workshops, and loadsa new recipes to put in your faces.
Okay, thats all for now. We're just getting started. Come say hello!

Peace & Resistance,